Tummy Tuck

If you are wondering how to remove unwanted fats from the abdomen, consult Dr. Devanshu Kalra. He is the best plastic surgeon for abdominoplasty in Karnal, Haryana. The best abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in Karnal, Haryana is a procedure used to remove excess skin and fat in the middle and lower abdomen. It also corrects muscle flaccidity, so that it tightens the abdominal area and strengthens it.

Best Tummy Tuck in East Delhi

It is very common to resort to this procedure after pregnancy, sudden weight changes, in people who, despite diet or exercise, accumulate fat in the belly or when the area has lost its tone over time.

How is it different from a reverse tummy tuck?

The process and the objective are the same: it is about eliminating the fat located in a specific point of the abdomen, although in this case, it is about the deposits located above the navel.

In this situation, the incision is made just below the chest, but the rest of the intervention proceeds in the same way: excess fat is removed, excess skin is removed, and the contour of the abdominal wall is corrected.

Abdominoplasty in Karnal, Haryana At Dr. Kalra’s Clinic is a simple cosmetic surgery procedure that is used by both men and women who want to eliminate excess fat and skin in the area. The results are good and long-lasting if you maintain a balanced diet and practice an exercise routine.

What does it correct?

This aesthetic procedure allows you to show off a slimmer and more stylized figure in the waist area.

In the case of being overweight or moderately obese, a tummy tuck in Karnal, Haryana can improve the elasticity of the abdomen. However, if you have to lose a lot of weight, you must resort to other methods.

In addition to treating excess skin or fat, with our abdomen surgery, we eliminate the presence of stretch marks or the scars of a cesarean section.

Postural and back benefits

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, abdominoplasty in Karnal, Haryana. We help improve posture and unload the lower back. This way, back pain is prevented and reduced. And being more agile, you can perform certain exercises that were probably difficult for us before.

Abdominoplasty and pregnancy

After giving birth, many women lose strength in the abdomen area and it becomes flaccid. With cosmetic surgery, the smoothness in this part of the body can be restored with satisfactory results.

Sometimes, especially after twins have been delivered, an abdominal diastasis can occur. This consists of the separation of the muscles that cross the abdomen and that form a straight line. As a consequence, there is a bulging in the belly that can only be corrected with the best tummy tuck in Karnal, Haryana.

Finally, if you are thinking of getting pregnant again, it is not recommended to undergo this plastic surgery, because its effects would probably not be long-lasting.

The gut is one of the main aesthetic concerns of men, which is why many resorts to a tummy tuck to get rid of it. Now, it must be borne in mind that it is not a technique that solves obesity.

The ideal candidate for this surgical technique is a male with excess fat in the abdomen or present very loose skin on it and who cannot reduce or diet or exercise.

With this technique you will be able to strengthen your abdomen, whose surface will be considerably reduced, thus obtaining a slimmer figure.

Abdominoplasty, benefits, risks, and complications

Best Abdominoplasty in East Delhi


  • It improves the problems derived from obesity in the abdomen and the consequences of pregnancy.
  • Corrects the abdominal muscle girdle both in patients who have not had a pregnancy, as well as after multiple pregnancies.
  • Improves the skin in general and the appearance of the navel in particular.


  • Perhaps the main risk derives from the lack of experience when placing and sizing the scar. This should be as small as possible and well placed so that it is as inconspicuous as possible.


  • Bleeding and infection.
  • Intolerance to points, seroma.
  • Especially unaesthetic scar.

Abdominoplasty in Karnal, Haryana, improves all abdominal problems derived from overdistention due to obesity or pregnancy. Improves the skin, the muscular girdle, and the navel.

As complications can occur all those associated with any surgery. However, most are minor and resolve well: for example, it is very common for rest to be affected during the first days.

And among the risks, it seems to me that the most important is not to get an aesthetic scar. If we get a good scar it will have been worth the effort.