Sex Change Surgery

Technically, it is known as sex reassignment surgery a set of surgical interventions that help a person to achieve the sex corresponding to their identity, different from that of birth. Sex change surgery in Karnal, Haryana is a complex process that transgender people choose, who are born with sex and a physical appearance that does not correspond to their gender identity. Precisely, Dr. Sahil Singla, the best plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana, clarifies that “these transgender surgeries in Karnal, Haryana are performed to be the gender with which they feel identified.”

sex change surgery in Delhi

The techniques and goals of sex reassignment surgery may vary according to the case of transgender women, whose biological sex is male, but whose gender identity is female; or transgender men, to whom the opposite happens.

We explain what the available procedures consist of and what results they obtain.

Surgeries for female trans-sexuality

Among the procedures available to modify both the male genital and the physical features to more feminine ones are:

Vaginoplasty to build the vagina

It is the most prominent surgery in the sex change surgery in Karnal, Haryana in the case of transgender women, and is achieved through vaginoplasty surgery, or feminizing genitoplasty, in which the penis is removed and an aesthetic and functional vagina is provided. Specifically, these procedures are combined:

  • Orchiectomy and penectomía consist of removing the testicles and the penis.
  • Vaginoplasty to build the vagina. Our surgeon tells us that “it is created with penile or colon tissue.”
    It can be done in two ways:
    Inverting the Tissues of the penis and scrotum 
    Or using
     the large intestine, specifically the part that is located at the end.
  • Vulvoplasty to provide the vulva .
  • Clitoroplasty to get the clitoris .
  • Labiaplasty to achieve the characteristic lips of the female genitalia.

Our plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryanareminds us that, to choose the option that best suits each case, it is necessary to consult with professionals, who assess the personal characteristics of each patient.

Breast and buttock augmentation

Certain plastic surgeries help to obtain a more feminine silhouette. Specifically, to modify the appearance of the chest and buttocks, techniques are used, such as:

  • Prosthesis. Both breasts and buttocks can be inserted into implants that provide a larger size and an attractive shape.
  • Lipofilling. Through this localized fat is extracted from the patient and relocated to the breasts or buttocks, which provides a smoother and more rounded appearance to these parts of the body. At the same time, it allows the silhouette to be molded since fat is removed from areas where it is unsightly.

Complementary aesthetic medicine

In addition to the above procedures, which are necessary to carry out the most obvious changes, it is also possible to perform others to complete the aesthetic change towards a more feminine appearance.

  • Refine the face with the facial feminization technique.
  • Reduce the nut of the neck, intervening the size of the thyroid cartilage.
  • Remove hair.

Possible side effects

Although sex change surgery in Karnal, Haryana has advanced and currently offers good results, as in any intervention, there is always a minimal possibility of complications, such as bruising or infection, fistulas between the rectum and vagina, necrosis or lack of blood flow in the genital labia and vagina, stricture or scar in the urethra or that the vagina is not adequate for sexual intercourse.

Surgeries for male trans-sexuality

In this case, they are surgical interventions aimed at getting transgender men to acquire masculine physical traits with which they do identify. Currently, they can choose these treatments:

Build a penis

transgender surgery in Delhi

There are two methods of transgender surgery in Delhi to achieve male genitalia, which are known as metoidioplasty and phalloplasty, but in both, the objective is, as our surgeon explains, “to create a functional penis, as well as aesthetic since it must enable an erection, erogenous tactile sensitivity, and the urination“.

These are the possible ways to achieve it:

  • Metaidoioplasty, the patient follows a hormonal treatment with which the size of the clitoris is increased. Later, a penis is created from this hypertrophied organ. In this regard, our plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana points out that “although the functionality of the penis is almost complete, the organ created is small in size and is not entirely suitable for sexual penetration.”
  • Phalloplasty consists of creating the penis with tissues from the forearm, thigh, abdomen, or other areas of the patient’s body. Compared to the previous technique, our surgeon points out that “here a penis of adequate anatomical dimensions for sexual penetration is achieved”.

These surgeries to create the penis are complemented by other additional techniques.

  • Removal of the uterus and vagina.
  • Reconstruction of the urethra.
  • Incorporation of the testicles with a special prosthesis.

Sex Change Surgery in Delhi to masculinize the body

Additionally, the following procedures are usually carried out to achieve the desired masculine appearance:

  • Mastectomy to remove the breasts.
  • Specific implants to obtain a desired pectoral.
  • Liposuction and lipofilling to eliminate localized fat and relocate it to other more aesthetic areas.

Possible side effects

As in sex change surgery in Karnal, Haryana for transgender women, in this case, there can also be some side effects such as bruising, infections, lack of blood flow in the penile tissue, less sensitivity, urinary fistulas, and scars.

Finally, it is important to note that sex reassignment or change surgery is a complicated process in which it is recommended to support the patient from various specialties, especially if it involves making decisions about possible surgical interventions.