Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery in Karnal, Haryana is a surgical intervention performed to correct the position of the jaws, or more properly said, of the set made up of the maxilla and mandible. This type of surgery is the exclusive competence of the maxillofacial surgeon & plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana, who is the only specialist indicated to treat both the bones and the soft tissues of the facial area.

Orthognathic surgery in Delhi

Maxillo-mandibular deformities, in addition to causing an imbalance in patients’ features, can cause serious functional problems, such as sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, malocclusion, digestive problems, or speech problems, among others. To correct them, there are three types of orthognathic surgery: orthognathic surgery of the maxilla, orthognathic surgery of the jaw, and orthognathic maxillomandibular surgery, also called bimaxillary surgery.

Orthognathic surgery of the maxilla

It is a surgical procedure in which the maxillofacial surgeon repositioned the maxillary bone to correct functional and/or aesthetic problems in the middle third of the patient’s face.

Orthognathic Surgery In Karnal, Haryana consists of a cutting of the jawbone called Le Fort I Osteotomy, which allows the jawbone to be moved in three dimensions to bring it to its ideal position. Once the jawbone is in position, it is fixed in place with mini titanium plates, a high-strength, biocompatible metal.

This procedure is performed to correct different facial malformations, such as Class 3, maxillary hypoplasia, facial asymmetry, open bite, or gummy smile, among others.

Mandibular orthognathic surgery

It is a surgical procedure with which the maxillofacial surgeon can advance, retract or rotate the jaw to correct functional and aesthetic problems. Mandibular retrusion-only orthognathic surgery is not a very frequent procedure, since it could involve a narrowing of the airways if performed as a single movement, which is why it is not indicated in most patients.

Mandibular orthognathic surgery is carried out through a procedure called bilateral sagittal osteotomy, which consists of two cuts, one on each side of the jaw bone at the posterior level, the repositioning of the bone, and its subsequent fixation using titanium plates.

This type of surgery is performed primarily to correct Class II or mandibular retrognathism, facial asymmetry, and sleep apnea problems caused by narrow airways.

Orthognathic maxillomandibular or bimaxillary surgery

Maxillomandibular surgery, or bimaxillary orthognathic surgery, is a surgical procedure in which the plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana combines the Le Fort I maxillary osteotomy with the bilateral sagittal osteotomy to reposition both the maxillary bone and the mandible of the patient when a monomaxillary surgery is not enough to repair your aesthetic and/or functional problems.

This is a very common procedure, since, in most orthognathic surgery patients, it is necessary to reposition both bone structures to achieve correct function, and at the same time achieve good facial harmony.

Orthognathic and orthodontic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is closely related to orthodontics, since, in most cases, the patient will require orthodontic treatment before and after surgery to obtain a stable occlusion and, at the same time, achieve bone stability. That is why orthognathic surgery always implies a close collaboration between an orthodontist and a maxillofacial surgeon.