The best Lobuloplasty In Karnal, Haryana. It is plastic surgery of the ears designed to solve some kind of warp in the lobe of this part of the body. Generally, this type of problem is of an aesthetic nature, although sometimes if the lobe is very open it can be lost, so it is advisable to intervene surgically to prevent its complete disappearance.

In most ear plastic surgeries, the aesthetic element is one of the driving reasons for deciding to take this step, and along with it the patient’s self-esteem becomes very important. The ears next to the nose are two of the most visible areas of the face, so if there are defects in them there are many people who may feel unhappy with their image, something that ultimately affects their social relationships.

Lobuloplasty in Delhi

The earlobe is one of the most visible parts of it, so its correction is usually one of the most common demands within cosmetic ear surgeries. The deformity in the lobe can be produced by different causes, such as the fact of having overloaded the area with very heavy earrings or with several holes to decorate the ears, trauma, congenital defects, etc.

If the dilation that occurs is greater than five centimeters, there is a risk that the lobe will be lost permanently. To prevent this from happening, a Lobuloplasty in Karnal, Haryana is used, a plastic surgery that helps us to reconstruct the lobe so that the ear recovers its normal appearance in a short time.

Lobuloplasty is a simple procedure, although its degree of complexity will depend on the type of abnormality the patient presents. It is necessary to see if it is necessary to reconstruct the lobe completely or it is simply a tear that implies joining it again.

Ideal candidates for a lobuloplasty in Karnal, Haryana

The ideal candidate for a lobuloplasty is a patient who, enjoying good health, decides to undergo this surgery, probably for cosmetic reasons. Perhaps we have found a job where the image is very important and we have dilations in the ear . Then it is time to perform this operation.

Sometimes there are people who for various reasons have an abnormal lobe, which is too dilated and who have not been able to solve this problem in any way. In these situations, this plastic surgery is also a good alternative.

Whenever this disorder involves psychological discomfort and prevents us from developing a normal life, it is advisable to go to a Plastic Surgeon In Karnal, Haryana to offer us his own assessment. Keep in mind that it is a simple surgery, that in expert hands it is done quickly and that it offers very good results.

Advantages of a lobuloplasty in Delhi

The advantages of a lobuloplasty are the following:

  • It is a quick and easy plastic surgery with immediate results.
  • The surgery is quick and is sometimes the only option to solve the distortion of the lobe.
  • Local anesthesia is used.
  • The scar is barely visible.
  • The appearance of the ear changes immediately, appearing natural, so that the patient can rejoin his life with a new image in a short time.
  • The results are final.

Before ear surgery

best lobuloplasty in Delhi

Before an ear plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana, performs a complete evaluation of the deformity that the patient presents. And based on it, it informs about the different techniques that can be used to solve the disorder.

Once agreed with the patient and assessed which treatment to adopt, the plastic surgeon in Karnal explains what series of clinical tests are necessary. Although it is a minor surgery, it is always necessary to carry out different checks to avoid complications.

The Surgery

A lobuloplasty is a simple plastic surgery, usually outpatient.

After the operation it is necessary to close the wound with stitches that the surgeon will remove later in different visits that we will have to carry out.

During the first fifteen days it will be necessary to go to a consultation every two or three days so that the Best Plastic Surgeon In Karnal, Haryana makes us a review and a follow-up of the evolution of the surgery.

At first a kind of reddish mark is appreciated, but with the passage of time it will disappear.

Postoperative in lobuloplasty

The postoperative period of a lobuloplasty involves a series of special care. The Plastic Surgeon In Karnal, Haryana will indicate them to us, but it is vital to keep the treated part free of possible infections. Therefore, the surrounding areas must be clean, such as the hair. The specialist will tell us what extra hygienic measures we should adopt.

Over a few days, you will feel slight discomfort and some irritation. These manifestations can be addressed with the medication indicated by our doctor.

Finally, you will have to wait a while to get back to work (at least three months), but the results are definitive and lasting once the recovery process is over.