Lip Reshaping

The lips are a very special part of our face, they help us to communicate with others, express our emotions, to kiss and we also use them to breathe and eat, they are multifunctional and anatomically complex. They have very fine skin and also a very sensitive red modified skin called vermilion. The skin of the lips requires specific care.

As an area so special that it is, the treatments must be very specific and very careful, so as not to break the harmony of the lip on the face and not change the characteristic appearance of your skin.

lip reshaping in Delhi

For Lip reshaping in Karnal, Haryana, we can do various treatments according to the needs of each patient, always making a personalized diagnosis.

  • Lip treatment
  • Profiling the lip edge
  • Lip thickness increase
  • Profiling and lip augmentation
  • Lip rejuvenation
  • Lip rejuvenation and perioral area
  • Vertical wrinkles lips
  • Labial commissures
  • Nasolabial folds

Lip Augmentation

Always to achieve a reasonable and natural increase, that does not look like a treated lip, seeking the harmony of each face, without excesses, that are not noticeable.

Lip Profiling

For lips whose edge is very flat, a small line of volume on the edge of the lip, where the skin changes to the red color of vermilion, is very flattering, rejuvenates, and prevents the appearance of the dreaded vertical or barcode wrinkles.

Lip Hydration

For those patients whose lips are always dry and do not want to modify their structure or volume, we have specific products to achieve this hydration and improve the appearance of the mucosa.

How our lips age

The red lip loses volume, projection, and eversion.
The cupid’s bow flattens and the length of the philtrum lengthens
The white lip lengthens and vertical and radial expression lines may appear
Depression on the lateral part of the sleeping lip
The oral commissures descend and are pronounced, appearing as the grooves of the commissure

Lip and Perilabial Rejuvenation (vertical wrinkles of the upper lip)

lip reshaping in Delhi

Over the years, the lips lose thickness, flatten and in some cases, vertical wrinkles appear, all of this can be treated by infiltrations of Hyaluronic Acid.

It is also important to know that aging occurs in the entire perilabial area, such as the nasolabial folds, the corners of the mouth that give us a rictus of bitterness, and also the chin. If we rejuvenate the lips but do not treat these other symptoms, the result will be incomplete, as we must always try to preserve the harmony of the area. Thus one of the most appreciated treatments is the treatment of the aging of the perioral area together with the lips.

In a natural and very gentle way, we manage to attenuate the signs of aging that we have mentioned and prevent them from worsening or other new signs from appearing.

The treatment of the Lip reshaping in Karnal, Haryana, is ambulatory, it is carried out with a very small amount of topical or local anesthesia depending on the needs of the patient, it does not hurt and the patient can immediately return to his normal life. The technique used depends on the treatment to be performed and the natural shape of the lip, which is different for each person. For example, some treatments are performed along the edge, others for the white skin of the upper lip, and others for the mucosa, it is also very common to combine several techniques on the same lip.

The most widely used product today and almost the only one is Hyaluronic Acid, it is a biodegradable material (polysaccharide) that is already part of our body so it integrates very well into the tissue, allowing very natural results.