Hair Transplant Cost

Cost of hair transplant surgery in India depends on various factors. Let’s discuss the factors the cost is dependent on.

  1. Board Certified / Qualified hair transplant surgeons and his experience.
  2. Another really important thing is that an experienced and trained hair transplant surgeon will be able to utilize the donor area correctly while maintaining the correct density and consider other crucial factors to make your hair transplant success.
  3. Bald area to be covered,
  4. Number of hair grafts required
  5. Skills of the hair transplant surgeon
  6. Method to be opted DHI | FUE | Bio FUE | FUT (Strip Method) for hair transplant.
  7. Density to be given in the bald area (Low, Medium, High)
  8. Facilities in the setup/ hair transplant clinic


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When you should remove bandage after hair transplant surgery?

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