Face Lift

The effects of the passage of time, prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun, or daily stress are especially visible on the face and neck. Furrows and folds begin to appear on the face which causes the facial expression to lose definition and tone. Thanks to a Facelift surgery in Karnal, Haryana it is possible to remedy these signs of aging.

The facelift is a surgical treatment to remove excess skin on the face and neck and tighten the muscles, thus eliminating the signs of sagging and improving the tone and brightness of the face.

Facelift surgery in East Delhi

This surgery is especially indicated for women from 45 years of age who want an effective and long-lasting facial rejuvenation treatment to restore the vitality lost over the years to their face.

What is facelift surgery?

The wrinkles on the skin appear as the years go by, especially visible in the area around the mouth and nose (corner of the lips and nasolabial fold), in the eyes (crow’s feet), and between the eyebrows, or in the neck (double chin). The facial skin has lost elasticity and firmness, and the facelift will try to stretch and remove excess skin through surgical surgery.

First, a thorough preoperative study must be carried out to assess the suitability of the surgery and specify how the surgery will be. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and sedation.

The plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana will make a minimal incision in the scalp above the hairline and extend the ears around the lobe behind the ears and the scalp. In this way, the scar will be camouflaged and will not be visible.

The muscle layers, skin, and fat are then repositioned, tightening the facial muscles and removing the excess tissue. After the procedure is complete, the incisions are sutured with stitches. In many cases, it is advisable to complement this facelift with blepharoplasty and thus remove excess skin on the upper eyelids.

The patient leaves the operating room with dressings and bandages on the head, and with a drainage system to prevent the accumulation of exudate or blood, which will be removed the next day. Generally, facelift surgery in Karnal, Haryana usually requires an overnight stay.

Even though the facelift is one of the most complex facial surgeries, it is performed regularly with hardly any risks or side effects, and spectacular natural results are achieved without visible scars.

How are the recovery and the postoperative period of the facelift surgery in karnal?

Facelift Surgery in East Delhi

After the facelift surgery in Karnal, Haryana, it is normal for the patient to have certain pain-free discomfort on the first night, which is controlled with analgesics and will disappear after a few days.

The first few days it is usual for the patient to feel the skin of the face somewhat “padded”. This feeling will disappear within a few weeks. The face appears swollen for the first two weeks, during which time it is advisable not to work or perform exercise or activities that can damage the face. Nor should the skin be exposed to the sun during the first three months.

Following medical indications and with specific care, after three weeks social and work life can be resumed, the inflammation on the face disappearing and showing very natural results

The risks of a facelift are the usual ones in any surgical surgery, such as reactions to medication, bleeding, inflammation, bruising, or infections. These risks will be minimal thanks to an adequate preoperative study and medical control after the surgery.

What is the price of facelift surgery in Karnal?

The price of a facelift, like any surgery, will vary according to each patient, since it is a highly personalized surgery according to the facial structure of each patient and their expectations of the patient.

You have to take into account the costs of surgeon fees, anesthesia, hospital expenses including nursing care, operating room, and hospitalization, as well as medication and other additional expenses.

Are there facelift treatments without surgery?

There are also other options to rejuvenate the face and achieve a lifting effect without going through the operating room, through facial rejuvenation treatments such as:

  • Facial fillers: Fill in the furrows and wrinkles of the skin in areas such as the cheeks, chin, jaw, or around the mouth with fillers of natural compounds such as calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid, achieving an immediate lifting effect.

The results of these non-surgical facials are less durable than a surgical facelift and typically need to be done once or twice a year.