Buccal Fat Removal

To reduce the excessive volume of the cheek area and outline the face, surgeons recommend performing a surgery known as bichectomy or buccal fat removal in Karnal, Haryana, which consists of removing the Bichat bags, fat-containing structures that are located under the cheekbones, on both sides of the face.

Who are candidates for a bichectomy?

This procedure is usually recommended for people with an extremely round face or who wish to highlight the cheekbones to refine their facial features, lengthen the face and balance its proportions.

This surgery is very common in thin-built people who are unable to slim their face, despite exercise, and consequently look fatter than they are. For this reason, bichectomy in Karnal, Haryana is very popular with models and young people.

What surgeries can complement bichectomy?

To show a much more harmonious and defined face, the buccal fat removal in Karnal, Haryana can be complemented with procedures such as rhinoplasty, otoplasty, or mentoplasty.

What is a bichectomy?

The bichectomy in Karnal, Haryana consists of extracting the Bichat bags from each cheek (between 8 and 10 ccs of adipose tissue for each bag) through small incisions, made on the inside of the mouth.

How long does this surgery take?

This surgery takes approximately 15 minutes to perform.

What type of anesthesia is used in a bichectomy?

This procedure is generally performed under the type of local anesthesia with sedation although, depending on the case, it can be performed under general anesthesia.

When can I go back to my routine?

You will be able to return to your daily activities after three days. However, you will need to wait two to three weeks to resume your exercise routine.

Does a bichectomy leave scars?

Yes, but they will get better with time and since the incisions are very small and are made inside the mouth, the scars will not be visible.

Are the results permanent?

The results of buccal fat removal in Karnal, Haryana are permanent. The buccal fat tissue is unique as it will not grow even if a patient gains weight. For this reason, the results from a buccal lipectomy are permanent.

When can I see the final results?

Although partial results can be seen after 15 days, the definitive results can be seen from the first month, at which time, in most cases, the inflammation improves completely.

How should I take care of myself after a bichectomy?

It is recommended that you try to eat a completely liquid diet for the first 24 hours and then try to eat soft foods for a while. It is important that you maintain good oral hygiene and that you avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and cigarettes for at least two weeks before and after the operation.

What complications can occur?

Generally, there are no complications, although, as in any other surgical procedure, sometimes bruising or discomfort such as infections, severe pain or heavy bleeding may appear.

The bruises will disappear over time, decreasing in intensity little by little. As for infections or other strong discomforts, it is recommended to contact the best plastic surgeon in Karnal, Haryana who performed the procedure to have better control.