Breast Reduction

The reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery in karnal is a cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Devanshu Kalra to reduce the size of the breasts.

The procedure consists of the extraction of fat, breast tissue, and skin from each breast, giving them the appropriate shape and size proportional to the constitution of the person.

Most of the women who request a breast reduction have health or physical problems that can restrict their activity.

“Reduction mammoplasty can be performed on young women who have completed their development. You also have to be mature enough to be aware of what a cosmetic surgery operation entails and have realistic expectations of the results.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Disorders related to large breasts

Having excessively large breasts is not only an aesthetic problem but can be linked to health problems.

Large breasts are characterized by excessive development of the mammary gland and its internal adipose tissue. And, usually, they are accompanied by sagging (breast ptosis).

This phenomenon can occur in both obese and thin women. Sometimes, the excess weight of the breasts causes discomfort in the neck or back, irritations in the skin located under the breasts, respiratory disorders, or some deformation in the skeleton. In addition, it can sometimes make it difficult to play certain sports and limit other activities.


The results of a breast reduction surgery in karnal are appreciated immediately. The first thing we notice is a decrease in health disorders associated with a large breast, as well as an improvement in our bodily appearance.


The reduction of mammoplasty in karnal provides various benefits to women who decide to take the plunge and operated.

One of them is the improvement of self-esteem since sometimes too large and sagging breasts cause emotional instability. After a breast reduction, patients observe how it improves the appearance of their torso and helps them to get rid of their complexes.

If you suffer from discomfort related to the back or neck, as a result of the weight, with the breast reduction you will experience an improvement. You can also perform physical activities for which you were previously limited. In addition, we can more easily find our bra or bikini size.

Price of breast reduction

The price of breast reduction surgery in karnal is conditioned to the characteristics of each patient. Our experts will make an exhaustive study of your situation and a personalized budget that fits your needs.

Suitable candidates

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To perform a reduction mammoplasty in karnal the woman must be fully developed. However, sometimes if the breasts are generating some kind of problem, it may be necessary to perform the intervention before. This should be indicated by the plastic surgeon in karnal.

It is important that the candidate has a sufficient degree of maturity to know what the process consists of and that she has realistic expectations about the results.

In general, all those women who are self-conscious about the large volume of their breasts or who have a health problem related to it are candidates for breast reduction.

Combination with various techniques

Each woman has different morphological characteristics so to achieve optimal results it is sometimes necessary to combine different aesthetic procedures.

In the case of reduction, it is sometimes convenient to resort to the use of implants. In these cases, the use of breast prostheses is used to obtain breasts with a more defined and firm shape.

Another treatment that is usually used together with reduction mammoplasty in karnal is liposuction. It is used simply to remove excess fat from some areas.

Breast reduction, benefits, risks, and complications


  • The main benefit of breast reduction is to get a woman who does not lead a normal life due to having a large breast, to wear clothes that are not large sizes again, or to return to the gym without complexes.


  • The main risk is the lack of irrigation of the nipple, which can lead to necrosis, this occurs when the nipple is very low and must be raised many centimeters.


  • Those derived from any conventional surgery: infection, bleeding, etc.
  • Those related to the elevation of the nipple (necrosis or suffering).
  • Those linked to scars.

Breast reduction surgery in karnal is one of the interventions that bring more benefits to the life of a woman. The difficulty of leading a normal life when you have a very large chest justifies the risks you must take.

Of the risks, perhaps the most important is the partial loss of the nipple if it is necessary to elevate it too much. However, a plastic surgeon in karnal knows how to minimize that risk.

Among the complications, the most common is related to the scar. This is impossible to avoid, but if we achieve a good and little visible scar, the satisfaction of the patient will be very high. Today we have laser techniques that minimize these complications.