Breast Lift

The mastopexy or breast lift surgery in karnal is a cosmetic procedure that is used to raise the sagging breast. It is sometimes complemented with the placement of breast prostheses. Dr. Devanshu Kalra is a leading plastic surgeon for breast lift surgery in karnal and performed hundreds of surgery in Delhi and other states.

With this procedure, the breast is placed in a correct position while its external appearance is taken care of.

breast lift surgery in Delhi

In mild cases, hypotrophy with ptosis (fall) can be resolved by placing implants, however, when the expansion caused by the prostheses is not enough to compensate for the excess skin, it is necessary to resect said excess skin through a mastopexy to adapt the coverage to the new volume of the breasts.

Breast lift surgery in karnal can also reduce the size of the areola, and the darker skin around the nipple. If your breasts are small or have lost volume, for example after pregnancy, breast implants in conjunction with this technique can increase both firmness and size.

“Before undergoing a breast lift we must be realistic with our expectations. The more aware we are of what we seek and want with a breast lift, the more satisfied we will be with the final results.

What causes sagging breasts?

With time, the skin loses flexibility, and the breasts lose their shape and begin to sag. This phenomenon also usually occurs after pregnancy or breastfeeding and in the case of significant weight loss.

The natural sagging of the breast together with the sagging of the skin is what is known as mammary ptosis, and it occurs indistinctly in large or small breasts. The skin is distorted and most of the breast tissue moves to the lower part of the breast so that the nipple is pointing down.

A breast lift and self-esteem

Women who undergo cosmetic breast augmentation surgery are very comfortable with the results. It is one of the interventions that generate the most satisfaction among our patients.

Classification of breast ptosis

Depending on the degree of ptosis or sagging of the breast, a breast lift intervention should be adapted to each situation:

  • Large or hypertrophic breasts. In these cases, there is an excess of the gland and/or adipose tissue, which is treated with a reduction mammoplasty.
  • Breasts with the appropriate size, but with excess skin. The breast lift technique in these situations is based on eliminating that excess skin, but in such a way that it adapts to the size of the breast in the correct position. Therefore, the interior of the breast must also be addressed to avoid a subsequent sagging.
  • Sagging breasts but with a volume that is not normal or insufficient in the opinion of the patient. In these cases, in addition to performing a breast lift or mastopexy, it will be necessary to resort to the placement of a prosthesis to increase the size of the breasts.

Breast lift price

Dr. Devanshu Kalra makes a personalized budget. He assesses whether the patient, in addition to having a breast lift, will, for example, need implants. All these circumstances cause the price of each treatment to vary.

What is breast augmentation lift?

Sometimes a breast lift is accompanied by the placement of breast implants or prostheses.

This is usually common in patients with small breasts that are also sagging. After pregnancy, you can also suffer a loss of volume and a certain degree of breast ptosis.

In both cases, there is not enough gland, which is why it is necessary to increase the volume of the breast with the collation of prostheses. The remaining skin is dried through a mastopexy that adapts the breast to the new volume and position.

In moderate ptosis, periareolar mastopexy may be sufficient to lift the areola and nipple, while in severe ptosis, a glandular plasty with complete detachment of the gland and medicalization of the external pole is necessary. In extreme cases, the T-technique is used with a reduced horizontal scar (it should never exceed the hidden limits due to the subsequent fall of the lower pole of the breast).

Who performs this surgical operation?

The ideal candidates for a breast lift surgery in karnal are those women who are in any of these situations:

  • When the chest is sagging due to its large volume.
  • If sagging breasts appear when losing weight suddenly or significantly.
  • After a pregnancy after which the breast sags and changes its volume.
  • If you have sagging skin in this area and it has become accentuated with age or the passage of time.
    In general, the best candidate for a breast lift is a healthy, emotionally stable woman who is realistic about what surgery can do for her. The best results are obtained in women with small, sagging breasts. Breasts of any size can be lifted, but the results are not as long-lasting for large breasts

Mastopexy, benefits, risks, and complications


  • If the nipple is very low, the only way to achieve an attractive breast is to lift it and adapt the shape of the breast.
  • This can be done by increasing or not increasing the breast at the same time.
  • And it should also be done with as few scars as possible.


  • It is one of the most complicated interventions for the breast since the union of elevating the nipple, improving the shape, and sometimes increasing the breast, involves risks.
  • Inadequate breast shape.
  • Obvious scars.
  • Incorrect implant position.


  • Bleeding and infection.
  • Capsular contracture.
  • Breast asymmetry.
  • Incorrect breast shape.
  • Very visible scars.

Breast lift surgery in karnal is a procedure that aims to raise the breast with or without increase and should be getting a correct and natural way and with the least possible scarring (in that order).

It is possibly the riskiest breast intervention since it consists of several steps that must all be carried out correctly to achieve the appropriate result. Correct nipple placement, the definition of an aesthetic breast shape, choosing the right breast implant (if necessary), and choosing the best-performing scar are very important. All of this makes the choice of surgeon crucial.

The most frequent complications are those related to surgery and most important those that have to do with a non-aesthetic breast shape and with very evident scars.