Body And Thigh Lift

Many of us dream of losing weight, but in cases where the weight loss is great, the excess skin of the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks can be a stigma of obesity that is quite uncomfortable. Other reasons can cause the skin of our abdomen, thighs, and buttocks to lose elasticity and loosen. If you are considering reshaping your body with body lift surgery in Karnal, Dr. Devanshu Kalra is the best plastic surgeon for the same.

Body Lift surgery in Delhi

Patients who lose a large amount of weight do so through great effort and commitment to a new, healthier lifestyle.

You cannot exercise your skin.

Although exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and improves your shape and posture, no matter how many sit-ups, the skin on the abdomen will not shrink. Unfortunately, until now there are no treatments to return stretched skin to its original shape. Body contouring surgery helps patients shed that excess skin – which is often a reminder of their past life – and finish the transformation to their new lifestyle.

Unlike the tummy tuck, the body lift restores the shape of the abdomen, waist, and buttocks.

The circular dermolipectomy or Body lift surgery is a body contouring cosmetic procedure that consists of removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen, tightening the muscles that have become slack, and performing interventions on the buttocks, hips, or lumbar area to restore their shape. Unlike the traditional Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck), this surgery is not limited to the abdomen area, but also extends to the back to treat the lower back, and lift the buttocks, returning them to a fuller and more rounded shape.

A conventional tummy tuck removes excess skin on the front or front of the abdomen, leaving a low horizontal scar running from one side of the hip to the other. A circular dermolipectomy or body lift, on the other hand, also removes excess skin on the most lateral parts and the back, leaving a low scar that surrounds the entire body. This technique allows an incision to be used at the same time to lift the buttocks and give them a better shape.

It is important to understand that in patients with massive weight loss, the excess skin that exists on the abdomen is usually considerable. As it extends both length and width, there are cases in which it is necessary to resect tissue in both directions, thus adding a vertical component to the scar. This technique is known as abdominoplasty.

Who is a candidate for a Body Lift?

Body contouring surgery, especially in those patients who have lost large amounts of weight, is a procedure that should only be performed after careful evaluation of the patient and their characteristics. These are without some of the criteria that we consider when we select the patient.

  • Be healthy and not pregnant or nursing.
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have an excess of skin and/or fat in the abdomen, lower back, and hips.
  • Have sagging skin on the buttocks and thighs.
  • Be done with the weight loss protocols, whether surgical or dietary.
  • Have a stable weight for at least the last 6 months.
  • Exercise and be committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Understand that in this procedure a better body contour is obtained in exchange for sometimes visible scars.

If you are ready to finish your transformation, the first step is to visit your plastic surgeon in Karnal.

During your first consultation, the procedures necessary to perform the body lift will be determined, these may include: lifting of the skin of your breasts, abdomen, arms, thighs, and liposuction of certain areas. This will depend on the condition of which your body is. Your body will also be examined to take measurements of its size and shape, examine the quality of the skin, and identify the areas where it will be worked.

On the other hand, several photographs will be taken for the medical record and you will have to answer questions about your medical history, allergy to medications, expectations of the operation, and any other factors relevant to the surgery.

Consider that depending on which areas you are interested in treating, it may be necessary to perform more than one surgery, as there is a limit to the amount of tissue and skin that can be safely resected in a single procedure, there are also certain combinations of procedures work better than others.

What to expect during the operation?

Marks will be made on your body with a marker to determine the sites where the incisions will be made, this is known as pre-operative marking and is key to shortening the operative time.

The procedure to perform a Body Lift Surgery involves incisions in your body, the size and quantity of these incisions will depend on the amount and location of excess skin you have, but modern surgical techniques allow incisions to be made in strategic areas that can be hidden by clothing. Remember that this is a body contouring procedure, where the priority is to get a molded figure, you will look great in tight clothing! In exchange for that new silhouette, you should have some scars that will fade over time.

A bikini-like incision is usually made to tighten the abdomen, crotch, buttock, waist, and thigh area in one procedure. On some occasions, apart from removing excess skin and fat, it is necessary to perform a little liposuction to help the contour take better shape, and sometimes it is even necessary to inject fat in other areas to regain some of the lost volumes. Deep sutures will be placed to help maintain shape and tension in the muscles.

During this operation, general anesthesia is used, which means that you will be completely asleep during the entire operation, the duration of which can vary between 30 minutes and 4 hours or more, depending on your individual needs.

What to expect after the operation?

After the operation, the best plastic surgeon in karnal will place you with bandages and special compression garments, in some cases it is necessary to place small tubes to drain excess fluids. Because this is an extensive operation and covers different areas of the body, a 24-hour complete rest and then assisted ambulation the following day is recommended, so it is generally necessary to stay in the hospital for at least one night. After the bandages and drains are removed, the use of a girdle that helps maintain the shape of the body will be indicated.

(It is necessary that in the immediate postoperative period the patient is placed on a bed with the back raised, the knees bent and the legs slightly elevated (semi-Fowler position) to avoid tension on the flap and the future.

It is normal to experience some pain after this procedure, so the doctor will prescribe pain relievers and, if necessary, antibiotics to deal with any type of infection. The results of this operation are visible immediately, however, it is necessary to wait a couple of months to see the final result when all the inflammation has disappeared, and this may vary depending on each patient.