Beard Hair Transplant

Beard transplant is a method performed to transplant scalp hairs to Beard locale which is inadequate with regards to hair or less thickness. This technique is utilized to thicken the beard hair and to fill in the patchy areas. Developing facial hair is the most recent design pattern everybody goals to have a fully developed Beard. Facial hair is additionally a social furor among big names, stars, and cricketers. It is an account facial hair is an indication of manliness, each man wishes to have a full beard with a mustache however every man does not get a full developed Beard. Guys lacking thickness and completion of facial hair regularly wish to go for Beard transplant treatment by DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA.

Today, Dr. Devanshu Kalra MD Dermatologist is going to tell you how to perform a beard transplant and how to plan if you are thinking about having a beard shaping/beard transplant in India.

Those who have short beards or who do not have beards or who wish to have a stylish beard, don’t have to worry now it’s possible to have a beard with “FUE beard hair transplant surgery”.

The video contains a live chat with a beard transplant client & his experiences.