Arms Reshaping

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift Surgery is a technique used to define the contour of the arm. It consists of eliminating and stretching the hanging skin and its excess fat. Fat deposits are located along the inside of the arms and even in the armpit region or on the sides. This surgery is considered more frequently after significant weight loss or post-bariatric surgery. There are also other factors such as age and poor skin quality.

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Dr. Devanshu Kalra is an expert in this technique. It is performed under general anesthesia and requires admission for only one day. Fat is extracted from the inner side of the arm, to remove excess skin without leaving visible marks. It is advisable to associate liposuction of the area to define the contour and improve the final results. The operation usually lasts for approximately 2-3 hours.

Candidate patients for Arm Reshaping In Karnal, Haryana come for two situations, one is the accumulation of excess fat, in the context of a pattern of distribution of fat in the trunk or generalized excess weight, and the second situation is when, after significant losses weight or age there is an excess of loose skin and fat in this area, giving the typical appearance of bat wings. The surgical options will therefore depend on the patient’s situation. When the patient has sufficiently elastic skin (but the skin on the inner side of the arm is rarely excellent, as it is usually very thin) and there is only an accumulation of fat without significant excess of skin flaccidity, we will opt for liposuction.

If we have excess or very poor quality skin accompanying excess fat, isolated liposuction is ruled out because we could aggravate the problem by leaving an even more flaccid skin, in these cases, we will then consider joint excision of skin and fat, that is, a Brachioplasty In Karnal, Haryana or Arm Lift Surgery At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA.


The arms are not a common area for liposuction, but it also has their indications and clear cases in which it is effective. It is more commonly performed in women because genetics indicate that there is more flaccidity on the inner side of the arm and an extra accumulation of fatty tissue.

The fat of the arm is usually located in the anteromedial part, although the lower the arm and support alongside the body seem to be the posterolateral part redundant. Liposuction is only done on that internal part, for two reasons; The first is that the fat is where it accumulates in excess, and the second is that liposuction should not be done on the outside as it is easy for irregularities to remain given the characteristics of the fat and the skin here.

It is essential to consider arm liposuction that the patient has good quality skin, although it is difficult to have excellent skin in this area so prone to flaccidity, it must have a good tone. If there are a lot of laxities, stretch marks, and excess skin, this skin is not going to retract well, and we will not have good results.


Although it is not spectacular in terms of contouring as a lipectomy or arm lift would be, yes, in good candidates, the contour is greatly improved by reducing the perimeter of the arm and eliminating that fat that protrudes when lowering the armor that hangs when raising it. The scars it leaves are minimal, practically invisible, located on the elbow and near the armpit. Therefore, when there is no significant flaccidity, Dr. Devanshu Kalra At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA will opt for liposuction, leaving the lipectomy or Brachioplasty for cases of very lax skin and significant skin excess.


The Arm Lift Surgery At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA is performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation, generally oral, on an outpatient basis (unless we associate it with other procedures, for example, back liposuction). The surgery time is approximately an hour or an hour and a half, and at the end, they put on some pressotherapy sleeves, which like all post-liposuction garments must be kept for 1-1.5 months. Purples are normal. The postoperative pain is scarce, with a mild analgesic leftover, and can resume normal activity almost to the day.

Liposuction must be very careful and with very fine cannulas, always superficial to avoid damaging vascular structures, especially the lymphatic vessels so abundant here due to the proximity of the armpit). The cannula passes making vertical paths to protect them.

You can shower the next day without problems and move your arms at will. Lymphatic drainage is recommended (it is very common to have edema and lymphangitis due to the proximity of the armpit). It is also highly recommended to do exercises for arm muscle building, especially you have to tone the triceps, responsible for the tone in this area, being the best to do work with weights or TRX type, although swimming is also very good.

The results of Arm Reshaping At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA are seen after 2-3 months. Remember, the indication for surgery is key. If we have a lot of laxities and excess skin it will not work, and we will have to opt for a Brachioplasty At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA. But if there is a moderate accumulation of fat and good skin, with elasticity, it is a very simple surgery that will achieve results impossible to achieve only with massage or exercise.


This surgery reshapes the arms by tightening the lax skin and drying excess fat in patients who show significant flaccidity (“bat-wing” appearance) after significant weight loss, either after diets and life changes, after bariatric surgeries. or simply by age, which determines that fat accumulates and that this skin becomes increasingly poor quality, with which any accumulation weighs and makes it off the hook and mobile. This surgery defines the arms associating liposuction and excision of the necessary skin.


Patients who, due to the above-mentioned circumstances, have a significant excess of loose and oily skin, or even patients with moderate excesses who are sufficiently motivated to accept the resulting scar, which, as in anybody contouring or body lift surgery, is always important (As long as the problem is excess skin, the scars will be large, there is no other way to tighten the tissues if they are excess and lax).

It is essential that the patient then have realistic expectations regarding this surgery, it is not possible to do a proper reshaping of the arm with a small or no visible scar, or only with liposuction, it will not work. Patients must be at a normal weight and stabilized at this weight. Thus, after Bariatric Surgery (and this is one of the almost mandatory surgeries after these interventions) at least 18 months must have elapsed since the weight loss was completed, and it is the same if a lot of weight was lost through other means. The weight must be stable, as any variation up or down after surgery will spoil the results.

And this is the same for anybody contouring surgery, patients should be motivated to take care of their body, it is not logical to perform these surgeries if they do not commit to maintaining them with an adequate diet and good physical activity habits…

Patients should be sure that their arms no longer improve despite losing weight and exercising, but even if these guidelines have not achieved the expected results, they are essential after Arm Lift Surgery At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA, to maintain results. You need to be realistic and motivated.


Arm Reshaping is performed in a hospital environment, and usually under general anesthesia. The stay in the clinic can be of several hours or even a day of admission. The duration is 2-3 hours although it is frequently combined with other trunk contour surgeries such as breast reduction in post-bariatric patients. The location of the scar must be very careful. There are several techniques but basically, all of them coincide in a longitudinal scar that goes from the apex of the armpit to the elbow, sometimes even to the forearm if the tissue excess determines it. This scar is on the inside of the arm, and it is located so that the minimum is visible, unless it is not visible with the arm next to the body both in the front and rear view, although it is inevitable to see it when separating the arm. The amount of skin to be resected is also determined with the patient standing up, although new adjustments are made later in the surgery, and it is always on the inside of the arm.

Liposuction is always associated with these surgeries. Liposuction reshapes the arm by removing excess fat not only in the area to be resected but also in the front and back of the arm, helping a correct mobilization of the tissues and thus a more effective skin excision. Adequate liposuction also allows us to preserve as much as possible the lymphatic vessels in the area to be respected, as we will do very aggressive liposuction in this area so that later we will only have to resect skin. This technique notably reduces the rate of complications such as seromas or lesions of vascular or nervous structures. Depending on what each case requires (quantity and location of excess and sagging tissues), the technique may vary:

  • Isolated liposuction.
  • As I have mentioned, it only works if we have elastic skin, of good quality. If this is not the case, we can even worsen the appearance of the arm, since a poor-quality skin after liposuction would look even looser and saggy, and this should be taken into account by patients who refuse the scar: if excision of Even if there is flaccidity and poor skin tone, liposuction should be very limited and very moderate results will be sought. The skin needs elasticity to retract after liposuction. For this reason, this technique will be performed both in patients who, due to their tissue conditions, are good candidates, as well as in less optimal candidates. but that, rejecting the scar, they assume that the results will be discreet and limited.
  • Brachioplasty with a reduced scar.
  • It has very limited indications, hardly any excess tissue in the upper inner part of the arm so that this excess can be collected in a scar in the armpit or with minimal vertical prolongation.
  • Standard Brachioplasty in At DR. KALRA’S CLINIC IN KARNAL, HARYANA.
  • The most common technique collects the excess on the arm by resecting a skin spindle that leaves a scar from the armpit to the elbow.
  • Extended Brachioplasty.
  • Common in post-bariatric patients, the scar continues beyond the armpit vertically on the chest to collect excess skin and fat on the sides.


In surgery, sterile dressings and a compression bandage will be applied, as well as, depending on the technique, some drains. The dressings will remain untouched for 3-4 days allowing to wet or shower after the first week. After a few days, the bandage is changed for pressotherapy garments type compression sleeves, which must be worn for at least a month. It is not a painful postoperative period, although you must be patient with the inflammation, which is normal to affect the entire arm, so it will be recommended that you rest with your arms or forearms supported on pillows, to reduce the edema in the hands. Tasks that involve pressure or efforts with the arms should not be performed, although simple movements are recommended. Local swelling for at least a month is normal. Lymphatic drains can be very helpful.

Walking is allowed as physical activity, although they must forget about the gym and sports for at least a month. Sports activities that affect the arms should be postponed for at least 2 months. The calculated time off work will depend on the activity, although the minimum would be 2 weeks (maybe less if it does not involve movements of the arms.